26 August 1789: Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

Something has changed on the Homepage!

Qwant’s logo is alive and will from now on adapt itself to historical events and popular trends.

The logo of the new Qwant reflects the diffraction of light while remaining opened and modern. There are many surprises to come. By the way will you find what technology is actually behind our animation?

For this launch we have decided to celebrate the Press Freedom which draws its foundations from the article 11 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 26 August 1789.

The article 11 states that:

The free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most precious rights of man; every citizen may therefore speak, write and print freely.(…)

  The press will be fully free between 1789 and 1792. Then it will be controlled by the government. They will have to wait the law of July 29 th 1881 that guarantees the independence of the media.

Through this animation you may identify:

Renaudot (inventor of advertising and the french press)

Victor Hugo (french writer and poet)

Robert Capa (photograph and photojournalist)

A warscene in Vietnam

The portrait of a child in New Delhi, India by Thomas Leuthard

We are linking freedom with neutrality. Thus, when we’ve started to develop our new News portal we wanted to put on equal footing all medias. Our algorithms consider pertinence and resonance.

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