Digital Learning Day

Today Qwant is celebrating the Digital Learning Day… and so are you!

Internet is part of our everyday life to the extent that we spend hours on it. It shifted to a true learning tool: MOOCS (Massive Online Open Courses), Do-It-Yourself, tutorials and so on.

As we consider the web as a shelter and tend to forget all of its darksides, we do take it for granted by allowing websites to keep our passwords or forgetting to delete the cookies… Too much users browse the Internet innocently and  then turn vulnerable.

We want to bring back privacy as well as security on the web. It’s critical to know the fundamental rules and tips. And of course, they are available on the web !

Therefore, we support the digital learning day so that we can spread out our philosophy.

Let’s start with Edward Snowden, NSA’s ex-employee, who revealed to the world the existence of monitoring programs set up by the United States and the United Kingdom.

**VIDEO: TED Talks Edward Snowden**


When you send data on the web they can be read or collected by what is called a third party. To prevent that you may use encryption. Let’s see how it works


The notion of safety on the Internet is also really important for kids.


Let’s continue with Eli Pariser who raises awareness among a new danger, the filter bubble

**VIDEO: TED Talks Eli Pariser**

On top of all of these debates, there is the net neutrality. When politics meets with internet giants.


To sum up all of these advice, Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who helped Snowden revealed his secret informations, explains to us why is privacy so important.

**VIDEO: TED Talks Glenn Greenwald**