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Laura Poitras, is one of the first American journalists that has been contacted by Edward Snowden. Her famous and award nominated movie “My country, my country” taking place during the American war in Iraq made her a security agencies’ target.

“During six years, I’ve been arrested and questioned every time I went to the United States. They made copies of every single note I had in my notebooks.” Laura Poitras, Le Monde

In January 2013, in the middle of the storm, she received an e-mail from Snowden.

At the beginning she was skeptical then she became more and more curious as soon as she understood the stakes behind the information she was getting access to. For safety reasons, Laura changed her work habits and settled in Berlin. That’s when the whistleblower story took shapes…

Reminder :

Edward Snowden is an ex-employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) who revealed to the world on June 2013, every monitoring programs set up by the United States and the United Kingdom.


She has been travelling all around the world to promote CitizenFour and give her opinion regarding the world and the surveillance society.

“We’ve got a lot of weapons, but we can’t use them for this… Yet, governments want to make the Internet a military thing. There is a gap between technologic opportunities and the way they are regulated. And that’s what every democracy should do: regulate. Snowden does not forbid regulation. He is against mass surveillance.”

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