Heading to Austin for SXSW 2017!

With so many great artists and startups, the SXSW festival is the place to be when you care about understanding how technology and innovation shape society. Qwant will once more be there this year, more convinced than ever that protecting privacy is everyone’s responsibility. Governments have to respect this right, but so do companies. We want to show in Austin, through artists’ works and through our example, that privacy can and should be protected by design.

A French digital artist and a startup

This year, visitors will find in Qwant’s corner at the French Tech Hourse the work of French artist Albertine Meunier and those of the Heavy M startup. Trained as a telecom engineer, Albertine Meunier has been a digital artist for 10 years, exploring how tools available on the web can be used for other purposes. For instance, she created a book where 10 years of her search history kept by her American search engine are printed. She questions the intimate relationship linked with it, and helps us realize how big is the amount of information that a search engine can know about its users. On the opposite, she made a paper version of the search history she obtained by using Qwant. Obvisously, as for every Qwant user, it is empty. Qwant has a principle of fully respecting the privacy of its users.

Book My Google Search History, October 2010: Incertitude Espace Temps (Albertine Meunier)

Also present at Qwants’ corner, Heavy M is a French startup created by engineering students. Their solution, which has been available on the market for a year, allows to project any animated shape with a traditional video projector. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. They also create 3D shapes on which we can project animations, with a surreal look.

Where to find Qwant?

We will be at the « French House Experience », March 14 -15. It is a French Tech initiative and the place will be dedicated to French innovation. Qwant will be happy to be presented amongs other French startups.

Qwant launches its Android and iOS app : private search and secure shopping

The Qwant app is now available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

What does the application offer?

  • The privacy-first European search engine on your mobile
  • Secure and fast shopping with the new Liberty browser
  • An application hub with recommended apps to better control your personal data

Why is it important?

Search engines installed by default on most smartphones collect and retain a comprehensive history of every single query of each individual user. The companies that make them also track internet users on the Web to refine individual profiles for advertising or other purposes. But such browsing history, and the daily use of a traditional search engine, can say a great deal about a person’s intimacy, life style, health, or political opinions.

How is Qwant different?

Designed and based in Europe, Qwant allows internet users to find instant answers to their queries, while preserving total control over their personal data. Qwant offers the first comprehensive and efficient search engine which truly respects the privacy of its users. It has absolutely no tracking technology: no cookie on the web browser, no collection of the queries history, no processing of personal data, no sale to third parties. It also does not use third party cloud services for hosting, but controls its own servers.
The Qwant app brings to your mobile all the usual benefits of the European search engine, including access to your daily news and panoramic search. The latter merges results from the Web, social networks, images, videos, music, shopping venues and more, onto a friendly user interface. You can also browse results deeper within each category. Opening results is done with no tracking, so that Qwant never knows what pages you have read.

The App Qwant Has Just Been Released from Qwant on Vimeo.

“We couldn’t stay arms crossed, watching American web giants gather more and more intrusive data about individuals worldwide, using the mobile phone as a Trojan horse”, explains Eric Leandri, President of Qwant. “Thus we thought about how best to carry Qwant’s values to the mobile phone, by offering our users not only a search engine that respects their privacy, but also a complete secure environment for keeping their data safe”.

Liberty: an embedded secure browser to do one tap shopping

To enjoy an even greater secure and confidential experience, you can use the new Liberty browser which is embedded in the Qwant app. It enables the creation of a local encrypted safe inside the mobile device, that no one else can open. Thanks to the SIM&PIN technology, it allows you to keep your sensitive data on you, which you can reuse easily.







Your personal data encrypted within your mobile phone

This way, you can store with high confidence your passwords, shipping addresses, or even your credit card numbers. When you request it, the Liberty TapMap technology automatically fills payment or account creation forms when shopping online, using unlocked data locally stored in your digital safe. The browser makes the shopping experience smoother, and eases signing-in processes on digital services.

Learn how to better control your data

Last but not least, internet users who wish to know more about how to better manage their personal data can find other apps listed and recommended by Qwant on the Applications Hub. Password managers, personal clouds to store personal or professional data, secure messaging, anonymous browsers… All of the listed apps match Qwant’s ethics criteria: user privacy, data storing security, neutrality.


For your iPhone (Apple App Store)
For your Android phone (Google Play)

PrivacyTools.io now recommends Qwant as your search engine

We are very proud to say that Qwant has been chosen by the PrivacyTools.io community as a search engine of choice for internet users who care for their privacy.

It is an important recognition of our work and vision. Privacytools.io describes itself as a “community project…aiming to deliver the best information available for a better privacy”. It is a “socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy”. They warn to “never trust any company with your privacy”, but they do recommend using Qwant. Because we don’t keep any record of your activity. We don’t put cookies on your browser, we don’t keep a history of your searches, we don’t share any personal data with any third party, we have our own servers based in Europe, and we encrypt your queries.

Qwant is one of three recommended search engines (Searx, Qwant and StartPage) by PrivacyTools, which offers a great deal of advice for many aspects of your online activities. Of the three, Qwant is the only one to have on its own web index and search algorithm. We believe it is important to develop our own search technologies to ensure a diversity of results in a democratic society, and keep true to our promises of neutrality.

Help us spread the word!

Firefox optimized for Qwant is now available!


Paris, July 4th, 2016 – Qwant, the European Web search engine today, announced the immediate availability of Mozilla Firefox optimized for Qwant, a search experience designed to protect against tracking on the Web.

To install this version of Firefox, simply go to the following address:

Unlike many other search engines, Qwant is expressly designed not to track users. Firefox for Qwant now allows users to easily extend this protection against tracking to the whole Web. Qwant also applies strict neutrality rules to search results. Optimising the Qwant search engine for browsing in Firefox clearly demonstrates Qwant’s commitment to better privacy on the Web as a whole, and encourages more respectful and virtuous models for all parties involved.


Firefox optimized for Qwant also facilitates access to a series of Qwant complementary services. In Firefox for Qwant, Qwant Boards and Favorites are now accessible at any time. This makes it even simpler to keep track of the best content and to connect to preferred web sites.


« Qwant continues its rapid growth as the leading European search engine. Qwant’s growth demonstrates that it is possible to promote a responsible and respectful Web. Collaboration with a Web actor as important as Mozilla strengthens our choices and the promotion of our values. It is a clear sign that our vision for the Web is shared and supported by an ever-growing community of Web users. »

—     Eric Léandri, co-founder of Qwant

“At Mozilla, being a mission-driven organization, we want to build an Internet that respects users, puts them in control, and creates and maintains trust. That includes promoting competition and innovation in search. It makes us happy when Internet users around the world can benefit from competition and innovation on the Web – as long as their privacy and security are safeguarded. We are pleased that people now have the choice to use Firefox optimized for Qwant. 

—     Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Chief Business and Legal Officer Mozilla

Firefox optimized for Qwant is now available on Windows, OSX and Linux to the following address: https://www.qwant.com/firefoxqwant/download