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We would like to answer some perfectly legitimate questions that have been sent to us (and just a few criticisms and false hypotheses based on wrong or insufficient information).   Now we can offer our users more detail about the technology behind Qwant.

We have done a lot of work over the last two years and, although there is still a lot to be done to improve our service, we are very proud to have developed this set of technologies.  This means that the dream that first brought us together has finally come true.  We can now offer internet users a comprehensive, intelligent, and unbiased search engine.

Live and Web searches

Qwant has developed a genuine indexing system based on technology from Pertimm, which is one of the companies behind the creation of Qwant.  Pertimm is a French company that publishes professional search engines used by clients like Auchan, Meetic, and Pages Jaunes.  Indexing engines not only require huge computing power and storage capacity, but also a large history.  Qwant added to its own data with data gathered from other search engines during the phase when the power of its infrastructure was being increased.  This mixture will disappear when the deployment is finalized and then all the results supplied will come solely from indexation and classification work carried out by Qwant.  Qwant launched the BETA version of its website because the results it supplies today fully reflect the philosophy of its founders.  That philosophy is to offer users the ability to search across the entire internet, without restrictions or limits, and to provide them with the most relevant and most recent results possible.

Social searches

As for social searching, the indexing and classification engines have been entirely developed by Qwant.  Yet again, our philosophy is to provide users with the most relevant information in response to their searches.  The relatively brief nature of the posts published makes it necessary to set up very powerful systems for semantic, orthographic and classification analysis, which naturally takes a good deal of time.  We are really proud of the results we provide to our users, but we are convinced that we can still improve them and we are working really hard on that. In particular, we are working on a system of real time classification and there is nothing else like it on the web.

Media searches

Our indexing and classification engines are still being finalized.  As some of our users have noticed, the results currently shown are similar to those found on YouTube and Bing.   This is due to a strategic decision to allocate computing and storage capacity to live, web, and social searches as a priority.  However, this is only temporary and our technology will very soon be implemented.

The Qnowledge Graph

The data that makes up the Qnowledge Graph is indexed by a technology developed entirely by the Qwant teams and is taken from the Wikipedia databases (respecting its conditions of usage).  This is a remarkable accomplishment which was added to perfect user experience and to show just what we are capable of.


This column is still undergoing improvements to bring users the most comprehensive results possible.  This time it’s not a question of technology but of agreements to be signed with different websites and that’s a lengthy process.  This section will also change and grow rapidly.

In addition to all the above, Qwant is also introducing a certain number of innovations, the like of which has never been seen on the internet before:

  • When you click on the posts displayed in the social column, you can reply directly to the sender via your Twitter or Facebook account;
  • Hot trends shows you, in the blink of an eye, the topics that are trending on the social networks;
  • In the tab on the top right hand side, you can filter the results by language and by country to narrow your selection.  This means you can see how the hot trends and the latest news vary from one continent to another.
  • When you click on “People” you can see all of a person’s profiles and read everything they have posted publicly on the social networks, all on one page.

We are working as hard as we can to bring you a different, innovative search engine that is genuinely of use to its users.  We are open to constructive, intelligent criticism and we will take it into consideration wherever possible.

Thank you for the massive support that you have given us so far and stay with us to test the improvements that we’re adding all the time.


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