Firefox optimized for Qwant is now available!


Paris, July 4th, 2016 – Qwant, the European Web search engine today, announced the immediate availability of Mozilla Firefox optimized for Qwant, a search experience designed to protect against tracking on the Web.

To install this version of Firefox, simply go to the following address:

Unlike many other search engines, Qwant is expressly designed not to track users. Firefox for Qwant now allows users to easily extend this protection against tracking to the whole Web. Qwant also applies strict neutrality rules to search results. Optimising the Qwant search engine for browsing in Firefox clearly demonstrates Qwant’s commitment to better privacy on the Web as a whole, and encourages more respectful and virtuous models for all parties involved.


Firefox optimized for Qwant also facilitates access to a series of Qwant complementary services. In Firefox for Qwant, Qwant Boards and Favorites are now accessible at any time. This makes it even simpler to keep track of the best content and to connect to preferred web sites.


« Qwant continues its rapid growth as the leading European search engine. Qwant’s growth demonstrates that it is possible to promote a responsible and respectful Web. Collaboration with a Web actor as important as Mozilla strengthens our choices and the promotion of our values. It is a clear sign that our vision for the Web is shared and supported by an ever-growing community of Web users. »

—     Eric Léandri, co-founder of Qwant

“At Mozilla, being a mission-driven organization, we want to build an Internet that respects users, puts them in control, and creates and maintains trust. That includes promoting competition and innovation in search. It makes us happy when Internet users around the world can benefit from competition and innovation on the Web – as long as their privacy and security are safeguarded. We are pleased that people now have the choice to use Firefox optimized for Qwant. 

—     Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Chief Business and Legal Officer Mozilla

Firefox optimized for Qwant is now available on Windows, OSX and Linux to the following address: