Heading to Austin for SXSW 2017!

With so many great artists and startups, the SXSW festival is the place to be when you care about understanding how technology and innovation shape society. Qwant will once more be there this year, more convinced than ever that protecting privacy is everyone’s responsibility. Governments have to respect this right, but so do companies. We want to show in Austin, through artists’ works and through our example, that privacy can and should be protected by design.

A French digital artist and a startup

This year, visitors will find in Qwant’s corner at the French Tech Hourse the work of French artist Albertine Meunier and those of the Heavy M startup. Trained as a telecom engineer, Albertine Meunier has been a digital artist for 10 years, exploring how tools available on the web can be used for other purposes. For instance, she created a book where 10 years of her search history kept by her American search engine are printed. She questions the intimate relationship linked with it, and helps us realize how big is the amount of information that a search engine can know about its users. On the opposite, she made a paper version of the search history she obtained by using Qwant. Obvisously, as for every Qwant user, it is empty. Qwant has a principle of fully respecting the privacy of its users.

Book My Google Search History, October 2010: Incertitude Espace Temps (Albertine Meunier)

Also present at Qwants’ corner, Heavy M is a French startup created by engineering students. Their solution, which has been available on the market for a year, allows to project any animated shape with a traditional video projector. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. They also create 3D shapes on which we can project animations, with a surreal look.

Where to find Qwant?

We will be at the « French House Experience », March 14 -15. It is a French Tech initiative and the place will be dedicated to French innovation. Qwant will be happy to be presented amongs other French startups.