Qwant announces its Security & Privacy Fund

At Qwant, we have always believed that the development of online services should be done with maximum protection of the confidentiality of users personal data. That is why we took a “privacy by design” and a “data minimization” approach from day one, which requires to think preventively of the technical means and business models that generate as little risks as possible for the privacy of users.

Qwant is therefore a search engine that collects very little personal data, and that collects none in most cases. When we do have to collect some (for instance when you choose to create a profile that memorizes your preferences), we make sure to do it in very high security conditions, and we have this security challenged. Qwant has created its bug bounty program, available via BountyFactory.io, and each year we offer bounties to the vulnerabilities hunters gathered at La Nuit du Hack, in Paris.

Improve privacy on the Internet

This program has helped us to build up skills, and to even better protect our users personal data. And now, we want to allow other startups and organizations to challenge and increase the security of their services with the best hackers in Europe and in the world, to improve privacy on the Internet.

That is why Qwant today announces the launch of its Privacy & Security Fund. For the Nuit du Hack 2017, we grant 10,000 euros to this fund, that will allow to pay bounties to hackers who will discover vulnerabilities on the services of startups or associations that share Qwant’s ethical values. Organizations that are selected to benefit from this fund will of course be accompanied to put the bug bounty program together.

You can find all the necessary details to apply for this Privacy & Security Fund at the operation’s official website: hackmeimfamous.com