Why Qwant is joining the 3Zero Global Alliance

As a European search engine, Qwant has always sought the promotion of the fundamental rights of its users and third parties. We have done so in a very visible way by protecting your right to privacy from the very first day, by not collecting any personal data. But our ethical commitments go way beyond.

We have built Qwant with the desire to make it a model of responsible company, which cares about the impact of its services on the world and on citizens, both by defending the rights of the users and by promoting a sustainable development. That is why, for instance, we have chosen to support the creation of renewable energy plants through the AkuoCoop platform, to participate to the Tour Des Fermes d’Avenir in France (an effort to promote organic and responsible agriculture), or to partner with the NGO ACTED to promote international solidarity. We also ensured that our servers carbon emission is entirely compensated.

Today, we are proud to join the 3Zero Global Alliance. Three zeros, for a world with “Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero Poverty”. Together, members of this Alliance commit to respect and promote a Charter that aims at accelerating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations. Qwant will have multiple actions towards those objectives, in accordance to the Charter to which we adhere.

Also, Qwant will be the main sponsor of the next Convergences World Forum, which will take place in Paris on September 4-5. This forum brings together more than 5,000 professionals to share innovative solutions to fight poverty in the world.

Now more than ever, Qwant is and will be your ethical search engine!