Official kick-off in Germany, Qwant gives you the answers

Cookies/Tracking/Filter bubble

Our founders were in Germany to kick off the official launch of QWANT in the presence of journalists, and key influencers.


QWANT – Official kick off – GERMANY (March 2014) from Qwant on Vimeo.

Following this official launch we have received many requests. Here are the Key topics covered:

Session cookies? Yes!

The session cookies are used to remember:

  • The language you use.
  • The View (Classic, Mosaic, List) you prefer.

Tracking cookies? No!

  • Qwant guarantees anonymity on the web.
  • No link is made between research and users.

Where do traffic statistics come from?

Piwik is the only one tool recommended by the CNIL (!

  • This tool guarantees the anonymity of users (all IP are anonymous).
  • The information we collect allows us to make basic indicators (traffic daily, monthly, etc.).
  • To comply with the law we have added a PIWIK opt out option.  If you check the opt-out you will not be counted in our visit statistics.

Filter bubble

Qwant gives you an access to the web diversity.

  • No filter on your results.

We do not filter results based on your previous searches, or habits, or preferences.

From a computer to another, all the results are the same, no matter the query or the internet user.


  • We’re not talking about “pages” but “objects”. This is our vision of the web 3.0.
  • Social is now included in the relevance of results.
  • We make “contextualization”