20 year anniversary of the W3C

Dear users,

We have been invited to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the W3C Europe. The event took place in the Paris town hall in presence of Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin (CNIL), Axelle Lemaire (state Secretary responsible for digital), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the WWW) and many entrepreneurs, politics and leading figures from all European countries. During the conference, our CEO Eric Léandri gave a keynote about privacy as a global stake.

Eric Leandri keynote

In such difficult climate (surveillance laws, social debates…), we’ve decided to shed light on internet mutation and all the challenges we must tackle regarding privacy respect and users data.

These principles have also been propounded by Tim Berners-Lee. He reminded us the prominence of cohesion between all stakeholders and the need for a global reflection concerning users data. He recalled having created the world wide web in order to do “good” around him.

Tim Berners Lee on stage

We are pleased to have contributed to this event. It is important to value the W3C as the guarantor of key norms such as PNG, CSS or HTML which are more than ever used by millions of websites. We wish the W3C a happy birthday and a successful path for the years ahead.