Make Qwant your default search engine on PC and mobile / tablet

Many of you want to add Qwant by default on your different devices, PC and mobile / tablets. We have therefore enriched our page of explanation and integrated a system that automatically identify your type of device  to facilitate installation.

1. Add Qwant

Go to Qwant Homepage and click ” Add Qwant ” link.

ajouter qwant

2. Your device

When you access this webpage you can select your device, PC or mobile/tablet


Q par défaut - Home

3. Your operating system

Select your operating system on PC ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) or Mobile/Tablet ( Android / iOS / Windows Phone )

Système d'exploitation

4. Your web browser

Select your web browser.


5. Add Qwant

Using this option you will be able to :

Ajouter Qwant

Feel free to ask any question.