Nuit du Hack 2015

Dear users,

In 2014 we introduced you to the « Nuit du Hack » event through our participation.

Here we go again !

Security is a priority, that is why we are once again subjecting our website to hunters’ cyberattacks.

For what purpose ? Detect loopholes and bugs in return for fair remuneration.

This year’s edition will welcome the legendary John Draper with his extraordinary stories about hacking and phreaking.

In partnership with OpenStreetMap and Datarmine we’ll set up workshops on the theme of internet privacy and DIY.

Discover great surprises and many prices to win like our newest « Nuit du Hack Edition » tshirt, Urban Ears headphones.and so much more.









Urban ears








Urban ears 2









The Nuit du Hack is an unrivalled time of discovering and sharing experiences.

When ? Where ? : June the 21th and 22nd 2015 – Fratellini Academy – Saint Denis (93)

Hoping to see you there !


Special thanks to Uniqlo / Urban Ears / Dakine / Wesc