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Team Qwant
17 April 2015

Welcome to the new Qwant!

Dear users, friends of Qwant, We would like to welcome you to the new Qwant. After two years of work, we are proud to show you why you were right to believe in Qwant.

Team Qwant
8 April 2015

Qwant and Https

On the 5th May last we participated in the Reset the Net event . This movement’s ambition is to raise awareness and encourage the use of the HTTPPS standard over the whole of the web.

Team Qwant
13 March 2015

Digital Learning Day

Today Qwant is celebrating the Digital Learning Day… and so are you! Internet is part of our everyday life to the extent that we spend hours on it. It shifted to a true learning tool: MOOCS (Massive Online Open Courses), Do-It-Yourself, tutorials and so on.

Team Qwant
6 March 2015

Edward Snowden, CitizenFour

Laura Poitras, is one of the first American journalists that has been contacted by Edward Snowden. Her famous and award nominated movie “My country, my country” taking place during the American war in Iraq made her a security agencies’ target.

Team Qwant
11 February 2015

Campus Party Brazil 2015

#TeamQwantBetween the 3rd and the 8th of February we attended the Campus Party Brazil 2015 in Sao Paulo. 1st question: Why there?

Team Qwant
10 February 2015

Safer Internet Day

Dear users, Today we’re celebrating, the « safer internet day ». What is it? It is a global event hosted by the European Commission in partnership with Insafe and Inhope – children protection organisations.

Team Qwant
7 January 2015

Happy New Year dear Qwant users!

The Qwant team Wishes you all the best for the year to come! 2014 was a wonderful year and as the year was drawing to an end, we informed you about the launch of Qwant for kids.

Team Qwant
1 December 2014

Qwant Junior

Dear users, On November 28th we were invited to the  Educatec – Educatice forum in Paris, where we had the huge opportunity to introduce our newest product Qwant Junior to the french Minister of Education  Najat Vallaud – Belkacem .

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