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Team Qwant
26 July 2013

Qwant vs gool.li

Do you know Gool.li? No…? Well, neither do we. At least not until their team of “white knights” began to troll and spam all users or websites that kindly talk about Qwant. The polemic! It is a well-known and formidable web marketing technique to bring traffic to a website.

Team Qwant
22 May 2013

Bill CLINTON’s live speech for UNITAID on Qwant.com

Qwant has the pleasure to invite you to assist to a former President of the USA, Bill Clinton’s live speech for Unitaid. This exclusive broadcast will take place on the 22nd of May, 2013 at 8:40 pm, live from Cité du Cinema in Paris.

Team Qwant
19 February 2013

Thank you so much for your emails

We would like to offer you our sincere thanks for all your messages of support and your warm welcome. Sadly, we still haven’t had time to answer you all, but you can be sure that we will soon!  Keep an eye on your inboxes

Team Qwant
19 February 2013

Can you backlink to Qwant?

Many of you have emailed us, left comments, and tweeted us to ask why our terms and conditions do not allow backlinks to Qwant without our written permission.

Team Qwant
17 February 2013

Qwant ?

We would like to answer some perfectly legitimate questions that have been sent to us (and just a few criticisms and false hypotheses based on wrong or insufficient information).   Now we can offer our users more detail about the technology behind Qwant.

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