now recommends Qwant as your search engine

We are very proud to say that Qwant has been chosen by the community as a search engine of choice for internet users who care for their privacy.

It is an important recognition of our work and vision. describes itself as a “community project…aiming to deliver the best information available for a better privacy”. It is a “socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy”. They warn to “never trust any company with your privacy”, but they do recommend using Qwant. Because we don’t keep any record of your activity. We don’t put cookies on your browser, we don’t keep a history of your searches, we don’t share any personal data with any third party, we have our own servers based in Europe, and we encrypt your queries.

Qwant is one of three recommended search engines (Searx, Qwant and StartPage) by PrivacyTools, which offers a great deal of advice for many aspects of your online activities. Of the three, Qwant is the only one to have on its own web index and search algorithm. We believe it is important to develop our own search technologies to ensure a diversity of results in a democratic society, and keep true to our promises of neutrality.

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