Do you know about hacking?

Do you know about hacking?

In Europe, this practise has a bad reputation and is seen through  negative eyes. To understand it properly, it’s important to distinguish between ‘hackers’ and ‘pirate hackers’.

The term ‘hacker’ simply refers to anybody who is capable of analysing a system in depth.

Certain countries, particularly Anglo-Saxon and Germanic ones, have been quick to appreciate the importance of hackers at the heart of the community. They have been present among all the biggest companies worldwide for some years now, and use their knowledge to ensure their security and the progression of advanced technologies.

In 2009, the Wikileaks scandal brought to light the use of technology in the USA to exercise mass surveillance of the population. From this date onwards, the world of hackers has taken on a huge political aspect. They developed from a state of being ‘watchmen’ to ‘hack-tivists’.
This is how movements such as the ‘Anonymous’ began.

The issue of private life on and offline is of an international scale. From a simple citizen to a company, nobody is immune from a violation of their private life.
As data security is a real issue, solutions and events are starting to appear, and they are democratising.

Initiated in 2003 by the Hackerz Voice team, and inspired by the infamous DEF CON ( ) in Las Vegas, the ‘Nuit du Hack’ is one of the oldest French-speaking underground hacking conferences.

This event aims to gather professionals in IT security and hackers of all levels through conferences, workshops and, of course, ‘raids’.
Participants, known as ‘hunters’, go out looking for ‘bugs’ or ‘loopholes’ in the system. They have a deadline, and must follow the predefined rules. When proof of ‘vulnerability’ arises, the ‘hunter’ is compensated by a Bounty The amount is determined by the severity of the ‘loophole’ that is found.

As one of our founders is heavily involved in the world of security, this event is particularly important to him.

We have gladly accepted the invitation of Hackerz Voice to participate in ‘Nuit de Hack’, subjecting the website to ‘attacks’. The objective is to integrate with the community of hackers, to test the security of our infrastructures and to discover new talents. E. Leandri.

Meet at DisneyLand Paris on the 28th and 29th June to spend two unforgettable days at the heart of the hacking community with key players.