Qwant and Https

On the 5th May last we participated in the Reset the Net event . This movement’s ambition is to raise awareness and encourage the use of the HTTPPS standard over the whole of the web.


Thanks to the Snowden revelations, the entire planet is finding out that the NSA and governments have for years implemented a massive surveillance system that enables calls to be listened in to, email exchanges to be intercepted and daily spying on any citizen.

There are means of protecting yourself, but they often require advanced technical know-how.

It is therefore up to Internet sites and actors on the web to undertake to guarantee the security of all their users.

Everyone is familiar with HTTP . The four letters that precede web addresses. Example: http://www.qwant.com. This is a protocol that enables your computer to go and look for information on another server.  Unfortunately, this protocol contains numerous flaws.

We have therefore decided to move into a new dimension in terms of security and add SSL to HTTP. This is a system that, using a principle of encryption keys, guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and authentication of the data exchanged between two computers.

From now on, you will see the following letters appear in your search bar: https://www.qwant.com.

We had to test our security settings with users for several months and then reinforce our equipment infrastructures before deploying it and making it available to everyone. It is now a fait accompli and we’re proud of it.

Thank you for your confidence and support.

See you soon