Qwant Beta Updates #1

Dear users,

Two months ago we put online a new version of Qwant.

Thanks to the « feedback » button – on the right top corner – we were able to hear from you. Your comments and wishes have been considered. Indeed, we made some improvements and changements to the beta version so that we can provide you THE search engine you need.


Here is a list of some changes our teams made :

1. From now on you can define your default Qwant search page.


2. There are news filters to sort out your results’ research :

  • News : most recent and sources
  • Image : size and sources
  • Video : source, relevance and views

3. A consulted link has its color changing.

4. On our homepage, you can now have access to our information pages which explain you how to add Qwant as your homepage, as your default search engine and as a browser extension.


5. Some lacks in auto-completion have been fixed and completed some sites that had not been entire translated.

More updates are coming…

Thank you !