Qwant Beta Updates #2

Dear users,

We told you new updates were coming soon… so here they are !

1. It is now possible to use a brand new filter on your results : « Filter adult content from search results ».


You can choose the intensity of it : strict, moderate or none.

2. From now on you can get a direct research “into” the website by adding the symbol ‘&‘ followed by the name of your favorite website (e.g. &amazon, &deezer, &leboncoin), you immediately have access to the result.

Optimize your research and save valuable time! More informations here


3. You will be able to install Qwant as your default search engine on Internet Explorer and Firefox.




4. When you type a search into the field, a cross appears so that you can erase it entirely.


5. From now on new bookmarks are now available on Qwant’s homepage, below the search bar.



We sincerely hope you all like these updates,