Qwant launches its Android and iOS app : private search and secure shopping

The Qwant app is now available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

What does the application offer?

  • The privacy-first European search engine on your mobile
  • Secure and fast shopping with the new Liberty browser
  • An application hub with recommended apps to better control your personal data

Why is it important?

Search engines installed by default on most smartphones collect and retain a comprehensive history of every single query of each individual user. The companies that make them also track internet users on the Web to refine individual profiles for advertising or other purposes. But such browsing history, and the daily use of a traditional search engine, can say a great deal about a person’s intimacy, life style, health, or political opinions.

How is Qwant different?

Designed and based in Europe, Qwant allows internet users to find instant answers to their queries, while preserving total control over their personal data. Qwant offers the first comprehensive and efficient search engine which truly respects the privacy of its users. It has absolutely no tracking technology: no cookie on the web browser, no collection of the queries history, no processing of personal data, no sale to third parties. It also does not use third party cloud services for hosting, but controls its own servers.
The Qwant app brings to your mobile all the usual benefits of the European search engine, including access to your daily news and panoramic search. The latter merges results from the Web, social networks, images, videos, music, shopping venues and more, onto a friendly user interface. You can also browse results deeper within each category. Opening results is done with no tracking, so that Qwant never knows what pages you have read.

The App Qwant Has Just Been Released from Qwant on Vimeo.

“We couldn’t stay arms crossed, watching American web giants gather more and more intrusive data about individuals worldwide, using the mobile phone as a Trojan horse”, explains Eric Leandri, President of Qwant. “Thus we thought about how best to carry Qwant’s values to the mobile phone, by offering our users not only a search engine that respects their privacy, but also a complete secure environment for keeping their data safe”.

Liberty: an embedded secure browser to do one tap shopping

To enjoy an even greater secure and confidential experience, you can use the new Liberty browser which is embedded in the Qwant app. It enables the creation of a local encrypted safe inside the mobile device, that no one else can open. Thanks to the SIM&PIN technology, it allows you to keep your sensitive data on you, which you can reuse easily.







Your personal data encrypted within your mobile phone

This way, you can store with high confidence your passwords, shipping addresses, or even your credit card numbers. When you request it, the Liberty TapMap technology automatically fills payment or account creation forms when shopping online, using unlocked data locally stored in your digital safe. The browser makes the shopping experience smoother, and eases signing-in processes on digital services.

Learn how to better control your data

Last but not least, internet users who wish to know more about how to better manage their personal data can find other apps listed and recommended by Qwant on the Applications Hub. Password managers, personal clouds to store personal or professional data, secure messaging, anonymous browsers… All of the listed apps match Qwant’s ethics criteria: user privacy, data storing security, neutrality.


For your iPhone (Apple App Store)
For your Android phone (Google Play)