Qwant Lite…a faster and lighter version !

We are happy to announce the release of Qwant Lite.

It is a faster, lighter and streamlined version of Qwant.com. The time needed to download the site pages and the ease of reading are fundamental issues for a search engine. We want to provide our users with the best search experience by facing all configurations.

Qwant Lite is empowered by Qwant and based on its founding values : Privacy respect and neutrality.

Qwant Lite has also been designed for those using older versions of their web browsers. It is still the case in many schools, businesses, administrations and households. It was necessary to offer a solution for all configurations.

Let’s make a try : Qwant Lite

On the technical side, Qwant Lite does not use Javascript or CSS3. There are no Data storage system, login, bookmarks or preferences.

Here is the list of the web browsers and the versions it supports

PC :

– IE 8,7,6 and below

– Firefox 5,4,3 and below

– Chrome 14 and below

– Safari 4 and below

– Opera 11, 10 and below

Mobile and tablets :

-Safari IOS : 4, 3 and below

– Android 4 and below

– IE mobile 10 and below

– Opera mobile 30 and below

– Opera mini 10 and below

– Blackberry browser until 10


Feel free to send us your comments. We’ll be happy to read them.

All the best