Qwant @ OuiShareFest

What’s the Collaborative Economy? An economic model where technologies enable people to get what they need from each other – rather than from centralized institutions. This has impacted cars, hotels, banks, retailers, manufactures, and more. Jeremiah Owyang

The world is changing fast, as the global population increases while technology is driving all economic sectors. To tackle incoming challenges we need nothing short of an alternative. It sounds familiar to you, does it not ? 🙂

We encourage alternatives, that is why we are so excited about partnering with OuiShareFest thus contributing in our own way to the collaborative ecosystem.

OuiShare community and Qwant have many common values. It is all about freedom, sharing, privacy respect, transparency and trust. We are proud to be the official search engine of the OuiShareFest 2015.

As Lisa Gansky puts it: ” the future of business is sharing ” and we are convinced of this.

The revolution is impacting all areas of society through stakeholders such as Kickstarter (Money), Etsy (Goods), Kitchit (Food), Elance (Services), Lyft (Transportation) or Airbnb (Space). These start-up compagnies have totally disrupted the way we think and consume by solving crisis related problems.


Ouisharefest is an annual event uniting the global collaborative economy community for three days of conference, co-creating and connecting. The 2015 edition, themed “Lost in Transition?”, will take place at the Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, from May 20-22. In its 3rd year, the program will feature inspiring speakers and thought leaders, workshops, art performances and participative formats on topics such as the sharing economy, coworking, crowdfunding, makers and fablabs, alternative currencies and horizontal governance – movements that are transforming cities, organizations and civic action worldwide.

Come and join us. Let’s share !