With QWANT, it is now possible to have secure internet access on your phone! QWANT are continually coming up with new ideas and can guarantee the confidentiality of your data. We are pleased to announce our launch on Firefox OS Marketplace!


Mobile phone users whose phones are already equipped with Firefox OS can now surf the web in securely with the new QWANT Application (available to download here: https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/qwant)

Mozilla Firefox, who are well known for their web browser, now have 270 million users in the world! In 2012, the company launched its mobile application, offering a free operating system.

Firefox has revolutionized the way we browse the internet, by putting users at the forefront and offering them more choice and innovation online. This is also what they chose to do with Firefox OS, by offering the same advanced browsing experience on smartphones.

This operating system offers all of the latest functionalities: relaxation, music, creativity, friends, contacts, travelling and discovery… Firefox OS allows you to discover the applications without downloading them, which makes all the difference.

More precisely, the operating system is made up of three main layers:

  • Gonk made up of basic base-level bricks
  • Gecko (rendering engine) as well as specific APIs
  • Gaia, a graphic interface

QWANT on the marketplace:

We strongly advocate data confidentiality and are long-term partners of Mozilla. It therefore seemed normal for us to offer Firefox OS the primacy of this web application.

The QWANT application has been developed in HTML, making it both simple to use and scalable. The versatility of the Firefox platform also allows fast development.

We would like QWANT to be accessible to all, so please be patient, as the QWANT applications for OS and Android will soon be here! QWANT will soon be available on all platforms!

More information:

Firefox mobiles and smartphones are not yet well-known in France and are for sale from the sites listed below:

Secure internet access on your phone will be available soon!