Qwant on BFM Business TV

We have been invited by BFM TV  to celebrate our German kickoff.

Yesterday (03.11.14) Jean-Manuel Rozan was on the set of “Le Grand Journal” presented by Hedwig Chevrillon. In a post-Snowden era (NSA/PRISM…) our co-founder and president wanted to remind that respecting and preserving internet user’s privacy is our main goal.

In this first part of the interview Hedwige Chevrillon and Jean-Manuel Rozan talk about privacy respect, web neutrality, and a need for a European alternative.

Neutrality and respect of internet users are the foundations of Qwant. “We want to prove that things can be done in a different way” JMR

All over the world people start to understand that they need to take back their privacy and independence.

European level / Official kick-off in Germany /  Qwant’s evolution.

Two questions are frequently asked during interviews and meetings with journalists:

Is Qwant a long-term project? Would you like to sell?

JMR: «It’s just madness. We are thinking about doing something relevant and truly useful to people, which is transparent and user oriented. “