Qwant is spoiling you more!

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, Qwant is spoiling you more and more! 

Qwant is bringing out their mobile app, and we’re celebrating! Lots of you have asked us for it and, after much hard work, at last here it is. The web is completely secure even in your pocket, at least for now!

  • A completely revamped design
  • iOS 8 compatible app
  • A product that respects your privacy

So, on the launch of the Qwant mobile app, we’ve organised a second competition for you to win an  iPhone 6!

The second contest is over 🙂

Thank you everyone!

Here’s the name of the second winner:

 Katarzyna S. ( 69 – Blacé )

Well done!

However, to continue with this fantastic launch, you can go to www.qwant.com and search whatever you want !