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Once again, colette proves us that they are at the forefront of all the current digital media developments. From the launch of the Apple watch to the new design of our search engine, nothing escapes them.mainCOLETTE
With a worldwide reputation for their expertise in encouraging buyers and starting trends, from the design, to beauty and high-tech industry, colette exclusively presents the first unconnected tablet in the world: ours!

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At a time when all objects are becoming connected, when all data is being stored, we have decided to go against the flow by presenting to you, with the help of the talented Le Chocolat des Français, a 0% connected tablet, in a very limited edition.

Exclusively online: colette is offering a QWANT tablet in store, from today (while stocks last), if you present the following password to the salesperson: #colettetrustsqwant

What are you waiting for? GO! #privacy #notracking #freedom



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