Welcome to the new Qwant!

Dear users, friends of Qwant,

We would like to welcome you to the new Qwant.
After two years of work, we are proud to show you why you were right to believe in Qwant.

The search engine we made together, with you, after all of the feedback, the criticisms, the experiences, the bugs that we have fixed. We will continue in this direction, respecting our founding values, in order to offer you an increasingly healthy, more secure, and ultimately more human web.

Your search engine has changed! We have strengthened the home page, improved the relevancy of results and have uncluttered the columns. Our teams are working on information readability and on the general ergonomics of the site. Your shopping column now appears in the vertical bar, the news provides even more sources of information, and infinite scrolling also makes an appearance. Qwant.com is a responsive design, allowing you to display it very easily on different screens (PC, tablet and mobile).

This is still a BETA version and many features still have to make an appearance.

Thank you for your support, your contributions and your exchanges. We hope that this New Qwant is to your liking.

Here on the Blog, we will share news, as well as a few moments in the life of a young European start-up, about the contributors who will soon be joining us in order to expand the community.
Don’t hesitate to give us your opinions and suggestions, we are happy to receive them.