What’s the difference between using the incognito mode and Qwant ?

For some years now, you can browse on the Internet through the incognito mode.

But what is really this private browsing ? Is it effective ?

Everyone who thinks being anonymous online by using this connexion way is wrong !

The private browsing allows you not to be tracked on your very own computer : no navigation history, no recorded passwords, no trace of downloaded files !

If you’re using someone else’s computer, the person won’t find any personal data as such as your e-mail adress.

Be careful, Incognito mode does not mean no cookies ! It only means that they’ll be deleted once the browser is closed. However, social networks and other media platforms can still identify you and propose you advertisements arising from pages you’ve been consulting.

If the private browsing allows you not to leave trace on the device, some of your data can still be stocked on visited websites’ servers, like your IP adress, your connections time or all your actions.

On the contrary, Qwant does not collect your data. You are not the target of your own research ! Your privacy is the most important thing to us.

To keep in mind : the incognito mode does not make you anonymous on Internet.